Wednesday 25 September 2013

War Z Inspired Makeup Look

War Z (2013)

About twice a week I look on the Apple trailers page and see what the latest trailers are.  By doing this I'm normally once of the first to see upcoming films, and I was so excited for War Z!  I thought I'm definitely seeing this, can't wait for it to come out, why is it taking so long, then my wait was over.  I never got around to seeing it, maybe I would if the cinema was closer to me, and seeing it would involve less effort on my part.  I like the way people portray zombies in different ways and from the looks of the War Z trailer, director Marc Foster has succeeded.  Marc is also known for directing James Bond Quantum of Solace and The Kite Runner, and when a director is able to capture a truly emotional story and an action film, well, when he comes around to combining the two you know he's for a winner.  Plus Brad Pitts in the film so that's sold it to me! Yet I still haven't seen it...
Talking about other zombie films, Resident Evil is the type of film series that creates quantity rather than quality, they clearly have an audience so maybe it's just the case of supply and demand.  I guess War Z is the only other film that matches this zombie genre, especially in a similar way to one another.  For example Dead Bodies portrays zombies in a totally different light, and a little less scary than either films.  I think if Zombies were actually real, then all they would be are rotting paralysed bodies, but that wouldn't sell any films!

The main material I used for this shoot was aqueous cream, a cream used for multiple reasons, such as a moisturiser.  I used to use this a lot because I suffer from eczema.  Now a lot of people have this to different extents, some grow out of it, others just get an occasional rash.  It's taken me years, in fact all my life to come to the stage I'm at now, which is getting very little eczema each year.  Eczema will appear anywhere on my body I start scratching and very little people know I actually have it because I've built up my will power to not let it get to the point of showing.  It got to a ridiculous stage once in the last year of college on a place back from LA.  I was rubbing my foot on my shoe on the flight as the air con on flights is so dry, and my skin was killing me.  It got to the point where it was just a dull ache and when I got home I found out I had cut into my skin about 4mm in depth and about the size of a large Brazil nut.  Not nice eh?!  Obviously it took forever to heal but that was the same process I had be going through all my life.  It wasn't until my second year of university where I could go in bare feet and not be covered in cuts.  It was so strange, a month ago I walked along a sandy beach and it felt so wrong till I realised this was the first time I had been on a beach where my feet weren't covered in eczema, and I didn't need to hide them because I didn't want people seeing them.

I've literally just mad a complete post now about my feet, fun eh?! I didn't mean to share that with you but I'm glad I was able to because people think they know what's going on with people, but they really don't.  Something that you take for granted isn't always something that someone would and should always be wary of this in everyday conservations.

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