Saturday 28 December 2013

Frost Princess

Link to: The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Link to: Jack Frost (1998)

The Princess and the Frog - This shoot was another example of how makeup can appear so different when using a flash.  I spent hours creating shadows and highlights along with blending all these lines and yet they are hardly noticeable in this image.  Snazaroo green paint is always one of the hardest colours to work with as it's hard to get a constant colour throughout and using this flash also points out these flaws.  Many people just assume I use photoshop to colour certain things after, such as my hair, but no.  Everything you see in my photos apart from the background was really created, even if it meant in this instance that I had green hair for several days.

Jack Frost - For this winter themed look I wanted to create a frost creature, I guess my version of a Bifrost creature.  This was really the first time I used glitter hairspray to creature an alien texture on my skin and one thing this does is limit you to how you can move as your basically making your skin stick together and hold.  I do like working with elements that can either fall off or get ruined, or ones that you have to work with in a short period of time - such as dripping paint or latex.  The nails were created using sweets and covering these with glitter and nail polish to slightly melt them and get them to stick together. 

Link to: Vanity Nightmare at the Movies

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Saturday 21 December 2013

Maleficent Alien

Link to: Alien (1979) 

Alien - I think everyone gets a little scared when starting something.  It's like writing or drawing on a blank page and that empty void can create a creative barrier.  For my first makeup look I decided to get messy and go in deep with this Alien inspired look.  I took more time body painting than I've ever done before and I used other elements such as Clairol Shimmer Lights - a toning shampoo for blonde/silver hair.  I created uncomforatble angles with my body and put my mind and soul into this look.  It was something fun and I always love creating an alien inspired look.  The nails are a mixture of OPI and I wanted to keep them simple, with a flash of bright colour.

Maleficent - I was disappointed at how this makeup look turned out.  I like the angles I created but the look didn't work in the way I wanted it to.  I've kept this in my series so it's a permenant reminder for me to reach higher levels and try harder to create something great.  Normally I throw aside makeup looks which don't work and no-one sees them, and it also means I forget them.  I've been on a mental roller coaster this year and it's really tested me in ways i've never had to deal with before.  I cannot wait for this film to be released in a few months and I cannot think of a better actress to play her. 

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Vanity Nightmare at the Movies

The zine of Vanity Nightmare at the Movies is finally here which you can view below, or on the link on the side entitled 'VN at the Movies'.  The online version below is also available in print to be honest I prefer the print version as the colours are punchy and really jump out.  I wasn't sure how I was going to present this issue and initially I created logos to represent each film.  I however strayed from this idea as it took away from the images, rather than adding.  The online version marks the almost end to this segment, the only thing left to do is to present the nail art for each makeup look along with some insights into how I work! 
I really enjoy creating new looks and presenting them in the way I do.  As always in life I'm unsure of what the future may bring, in particular the near future of Vanity Nightmare.  In winter I get a short break before I start working during fashion month and AW14 is fast approaching.  I do however still have a draw overflowing with MAC, Illamasqua, NARS, MUA and many, many nail polishes.  So maybe I'll start creating separate pieces of work, or maybe something else.  The great thing about the future is that you never know whats going to pop up next.  The worst thing about the future is that you don't know what will pop up.

For now, please enjoy Vanity Nightmare at the Movies!

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