Monday 27 January 2014

Finding Cleopatra

Link to: Cleopatra (1963) 
Link to: Finding Dory (2015)

Cleopatra - It was about time I created an Egyptian inspired makeup look and gave it some justice it deserved. This shoot marks the second time I used hairspray to coat my skin in layers and layers...  I forgot how much fun sand is to work with and by fun I mean there was none.  I seemed to forget how messy it can be and when wet it hardens, but it also cracks.  I was forced with having to keep my movements to a minimal and luckily I use the same pose throughout ;)  I used gold spray on my hair which looked great in the light and awful when the flash was used.  The result looks like I'm wearing some cheap horrid wig but it's quite amusing!

Finding Dory - Move over Nemo for there's a new fish in town that's about to steal the lime light.  Well not really new... and is Nemo in this film? I could look on IMDB but to be honest I don't really care and I wonder how many others do too?  This look was initially created for a potential choice for my FMP at university.  I fell in love with it and it never really got used.  It's quite funny really because the main thing that inspired this look was the Halloween zip face that a lot of people have created on youtube.  Who would have thought something like that could inspire a Disney fish look!  As I often say, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Link to: Vanity Nightmare at the Movies

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