Saturday 25 January 2014

Phantom Atlantis

Link to: Star Wars Phantom Menace (1999) 
Link to: Atlantis The Lost Empire (2001)

Star Wars Phantom Menace - So Star Wars 7 is in the works, have you auditioned because it's too late!  Star Wars has this habit of falling into the complete nerd fest category where people who would probably be interested in just shrug it off their shoulder.  It's funny how people are scared to be them self.  It can be extreme or it can be just having no memory of what Star Wars is.  I however have a pretty good memory, I just don't always remember which way the puzzle works, or for this example which order the films are in!  Maybe he did plan it that way.  If your going to leave un-answered questions of course people are going to want to know the lead up to it!  It's pretty genius really.  People don't really care so much of what happens after films.  The film ends and that's it.  But no, when you create not fully rounded characters it's almost peoples right to know, and the production and distribution companies knew that, or at least some of them did.

Atlantis The Lost Empire - This look was a combination of Disney meets Ru Pauls Drag Race.  I wanted to create a Glamazon Amazon look and this isn't the first time I've tried it.  No doubt people look at my images and judge them.  The kind people will give them praise but the majority will look at them and have pure negative thoughts about them.  So to whoever is reading this, next time evaluate yourself which one you are.  Negative people have negative thoughts and you should chance your outlook in life if the majority of comments you have are of hatred.  My looks and skills are far from perfect and it's fine to think negative thoughts.  BUT, these negative thoughts should be constructive and if they aren't then boy do you have a problem.

Link to: Vanity Nightmare at the Movies

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