Monday 20 January 2014

World Mask

Link to: The Mask (1994) 
Link to: War Z (2013)

The Mask - The previous looks I created during this instalment involved some kind of body art, so here I wanted to strip it back down and just focus on my face.  I wanted to create a masculine look and make myself look different from how I've looked before.  I used sugar candies to complete this look and I dusted over these with power eye shadows from Barry M.  In post production I created a camouflage background because makeup can be used as war paint, and here I am going, or at least preparing for battle.

War Z - I finally got around to watching this film and to be honest I was disappointed.  It doesn't matter what world a film is set in, Iceland, Metroplois, Arkham City, it doesn't matter! Because I'm pretty sure post apocalyptic movies would have been around, and people would know how to react!  Movie directors use the same predictable pause moments over and over again, I mean come on!  Lets have a zombie movie where people know what to do yet they still die.  Now I probably still won't watch it till months after but I'll be less annoyed when I finally watch it!

Link to: Vanity Nightmare at the Movies

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