Saturday 8 February 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: Alexander Wang for Lunch

 A Fashion Week Journal: Alexander Wang for Lunch

I've been wanting a new bag for years and I wanted something that fit my personality and fit the usage that I wanted it for.  I cant stand bags that you have to fold open purely for the fact that there annoying to use!  The bag also needed to be black since I mainly wear that colour and it also couldn't look like an old woman's bag.  In an ideal world of course I would get a Birkin bag, it's the only option and a timeless bag.  I am however very happy with my purchase which I got last season in SS14 New York.  I bought this in the Barneys store in the Upper West Side which is a relatively small store but it has everything you may need or want!  Spending over $1000 on a bag was easier than I thought but deciding what I wanted was much harder.  I had done tones of research on types of bags and this duffle bag comes in so many colour combinations and finding the right one was a task of it's own!  I ended up for black with a gun metal silver.  I initially thought the black metal which I've also seen but I really love the tone of this silver so I allowed myself to try something!  It's a really great bag and you can fit tones in it.  It keeps it shape really well and people do always note how heavy it is.  I don't find it that heavy and I don't carry that much stuff in it so it may be a problem for others who do want to fill it to the brim with makeup and other various products.  The downside of this bag is the fact I don't want to get it wet and to be honest the first couple of days I diddn't want to use it let alone remove the tags!

I find commitment hard and I very rarely put myself in a position where this may be an issue.  My phone contract for 2 years was the biggest commitment I've made and I'm surprised to have kept it!  Mind you say that I have changed the way it works several times...  I guess the purpose of this post is to talk about finding what combination works for you.  This can be anything in life such as an Alexander Wang bag or finding what contract you may want for your phone.  I knew which type of bag I wanted and I knew I wanted to keep my Iphone.  What I'm saying is that as soon as you know what you want you need to try out a few things first until you find that perfect match and of course compromise where needed.

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