Monday 24 February 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: From Milan to Paris

 A Fashion Week Journal: From Milan to Paris

I've heard about how beautiful the alps look when you fly over them and everything I've heard is true.  You normally just have pure blue sky to look out through the window or at the very least you can see the ground where everything looks like a miniature toy set.  The alps is like another world and apart from seeing Gravity in the cinema, it's probably the nearest thing I'll get to seeing the world from afar.
Today I leave Milan and this time it's an evening flight so unless they find some way to light up the alps, all I'll be seeing is black and I'll probably be too tired to care.  I always feel really ignorant in Milan, I barely know how to say anything and I can just make out some of the foods on a menu.  Paris is slightly different and there's a lot more I can say and read.  I still feel really stupid saying things in another language and it really cringes me out because I know I can't pronounce any french words let alone English ones!

The press centre is located at the Palais de Tokyo and up until last year it was located in the main building.  The downside of that was it could get so cold in the massive building but the pros were the fact you got to see loads of different types of modern art which obviously I loved!  Now it's located in a separate temporary building which looks beautiful but you also feel like your now a piece of the modern art, and maybe that's why they did it... It really does feel like a Big Brother house and that is what we have re named it.

Last season of Paris Fashion Week I got to see SS14 Alexander McQueen and the season before that I saw AW13 Chanel.  Both these shows will have their own dedicated posts at the start of next month of which my fashion week journal posts will come to a close.  I'm not going to make any promises when I'll be posting about this season but hopefully I'll get my act together and post these in an orderly manor.

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