Thursday 13 February 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter

A Fashion Week Journal: Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter
New York in the Summer
New York always amazes me how weather effects this relatively small state as the seasons are so much more extreme compared to that of the UK.  New York turns into an oven during the summer and I've only been there in September and that's pretty toasty!  The light is beautiful in New York no matter the season but the buildings do seem to be heavily saturated which is beautiful!  I manged to visit Central Park briefly in SS14 and I'm so glad I got to see it in the summer.  Central Park is literally like a rain forest in the summer.  It's so hot, so humid and it's mad to think that this huge park is in the middle of the city.  It really shouldn't be called a park since it really is more like a forest!  I also got to see the Alice in Wonderland sculpture which was great!  I still want to see all the locations that were in Enchanted though.. and one day I'll find that bridge that seems to be in every single film based in New York!  I also love the summer in New York because nature really does merge with man made structures and I love that contrast ever since I studied it for a unit in College.  It really can look like a concrete jungle.
New York in the Winter
In contrast to the summer, the winter season can be like standing in a freezer, and it actually snows!  There happened to be a snow storm last season so hopefully that wasn't the same for AW14!  I couldn't believe how much snow fell and how on top New Yorkers were!  Everyone knew what to do and every shop, restaurant and cafe cleared the snow from them and pushed it to the side of the road where it stayed there for several days.  New York can get so cold so when it does snow don't expect it to melt anytime soon.  I also got to see Central Park during the winter which was another pinch the skin moment to check it wasn't a dream.  First I get to see it in the summer and now the winter which was so magical!  As I write this I'm currently in the UK but as this goes up I'll be in New York and I do kinda want it to snow.  I love it because it creates this giant reflector on the ground and it just bounces off the light to light up the city for even longer.  Everything has a magical blue glow too which I love and I can never stop taking enough photos!

Today I leave as New York AW14 Fashion Week has come to an end.  One city down and three more to go!

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