Friday 7 February 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: SS13 Paris Hilton

A Fashion Week Journal: SS13 Paris Hilton

The first fashion show I've ever seen was SS13 Rebecca Minkoff.  The experience is similar to that of a concert.  To begin with people arrive and the room your in seems like nothing special.  Once everyone is in and A list stars have been seated the catwalk protective layer is taken off so the only marks that will be left on that white floor are that of the models.  The yellow dingy lights turn down and suddenly it's replaced with pure white light and the bass of the catwalk music.  It's over in a flash yet it can take 30 minutes for a show to start and I have no idea how people see more than a couple of shows each day!

My second show was SS13 Charlotte Ronson and here was where I hit the jackpot.  It's safe to say I'm a little bit obsessed with The Simple Life so I have a pretty good understand of what Paris Hilton looks like from multiple angles and please don't read into that... Anyway!  Long story short I saw Paris standing up from the back and my heart nearly beat out of me! I was tempted to take a picture but I decided against it.  I finally thought when am I going to have this chance again?! I then decided to get myself down to the front row and snap a picture straight after the show.  Sure enough it worked and it took a while for the security guards to hush people away.  Paris was there with Cory Kennedy (whom can be seen above) and AnnaSophia Robb - star of such films such Bridge to Terabithia and one of my favorites Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the makeup look I created for this film can be found by clicking the link). 

I also snapped June Ambrose at the Lincoln Center which was nice!  SS13 New York was an amazing experience.  The weather was beautiful and overall nothing went wrong which was nice!!  Today is the day where AW14 Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Ronson will be showing their collections.  As this post goes up I'll be working just meters away from these shows and no doubt I'll be complaining about the sound and how busy the tent is!  I do like a busy atmosphere though and New York always have a habit of playing songs that seemed to have been taken from my playlist!  Girls Aloud, RuPaul.. they all play, and I won't complain... ;)

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