Wednesday 12 February 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: SS14 Anna Sui

A Fashion Week Journal SS14 Anna Sui

I first saw Anna Sui back in AW13 where I was able to sit down and experience a fashion show.  There were beautiful bags on each seat and inside there was a selection of products from her new makeup range, a lipstick and some perfume.  I'm still yet to try this lipstick because It looks so perfect.  The box is super cute and so is the lipstick packaging and I highly recommend checking the range out!  Back to the show now.  This was the first time I decided to take serious images for a show.  It was my first time using an SLR during a runway show and I had no idea of what settings anything should be on let alone where to shoot.  I had wanted to walk around during the show and get diffrent angles but it was super packed and that just wasn't an option!  I allowed for other people to stand in front of me and I shot nearly continuously throughout the show.  The majority of images were just feet until I realised which angle I needed to get the image I wanted.

I love the image of Sasha Luss on the runway by herself.  Sasha looks so effortlessly cool and she clearly knows who to pose perfectly at the end of the runway.  It was perfect for me as it allowed me more chances to get the right shot as it's rare to find models that stop on the runway now!  I'm also very fond of the image of Karen Elson and Karlie Kloss passing each other on the runway.  Two great models and both looking amazing in Anna Sui!  Other notable models in the above images include Joan Smalls, Jamie Bochert and Irina Kravchenko.
The image of Karlie by herself is probably my favourite though I just wish she fit in the frame which is obviously my fault!! I've always loved Karlie and shes so genuinely nice it would be infectious to anyone!  I met her first back in SS13 in the Lincoln Centre where she was just leaving until a random guy was doing magic tricks so she stopped to watch.  I happened to be standing up at point and we were there for about 5 minutes just watching tricks and it was amazing and surreal and awesome!  A truly beautiful person inside and out.

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