Tuesday 11 February 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: SS14 Anya Caliendo

A Fashion Week Journal: SS14 Anya Caliendo

I took a 5 minute break one day, well really it was about 8 and while some people would choose that for a cigarette break or some fresh air I decided to take a few snaps!  In The Studio a presentation was in full swing and I took some quick images to really just know what shooting a presentation was like.  I think it's important in any job to have a real understanding on how all the different elements work and how they go together and it's hard for me to do that when sat behind the screen.  I noticed how cramped it can be and how full of people these things are.  The models are quite willing to be photographed by anyone and will often give you different poses without you have to say anything.  It was a rather interesting experience and I really enjoyed it.  I love shooting a runway for wides as it gives you some freedom and this was very similar in allowing you to shoot how you want within reason.

I actually stumbled upon this collection.  I had just shot wides for Anna Sui and on the way out I noticed that this show was in process so I went in.  The shoot from Anna Sui will come tomorrow when the AW14 show will be shown.  With only 3 days left New York fashion week is nearly over and next we will head over to London.  Until then, enjoy the last few days of New York posts and of New York fashion week AW14.

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