Sunday 2 February 2014

A Vanity Nightmare Halloween Makeup Look: Category: Dead Bunny Realness

A Vanity Nightmare Halloween Makeup Look: Category: Dead Bunny Realness

I know Halloween has long past us now but I never got around to sharing my makeup look for the night so here it is!  I've re-visited this Donne Darko meets playboy bunny for previous Halloweens and this time I decided to give it one last shot.  I wanted to create more of a skeletor bunny bunny this time and spend time investigating in different ways people have portrayed this look of which I found limited results.  I also wanted to combine makeup techniques I've learnt through studying drag makeup so all of these elements have come together to create the creation you see above.  I was going to bring my SLR to take a better image but I created this at a friends house and I barely had enough room for makeup!

My main inspiration for this look was the fact I wanted to use my MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Cinderfella.  I nearly died the first time I saw this shadow and I nearly died when I found out they were out of stock!  I of course went back as soon as I could and snatched up one and I'm still in love with it!  It's pigmented enough for a black and the glitter is insane and it looks amazing when you blend it!  Glitter makes blending look better anyway so this can never be a bad thing when combined with black!
I also used a combination of Illamasqua liquid eye liners and eye shadows along with other MAC shadows and foundations.  I used face and body as a base (of course I used primer first) and to intensify the white I used a mixture of Crystal Avalanche, Gesso and products from the MUA range.  I also used black face by Snazaroo to create slicker lines and to build it up without it being too heavy which liquid eye liner can often look like.

I had so much fun creating this look and I got ridiculous amounts of attention throughout the night.  It really looks 200 times better in person and the glitter really made it pop where I wanted it to.  I finished my look with a top from Topman with sequins on the shoulders, black Topman skinny jeans and black 7 inch wedges from Primark! (Bunny ears from Claire's!)

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