Monday 3 February 2014

A Vanity Nightmare Take on a Student Club Crawl

A Vanity Nightmare Take on a Student Club Crawl

I jump at the chance of a fancy dress night when I see one and this was too perfect to turn down!  Two of my friends are currently studying at University and they have a club night called 'Survivor' which happens every so often.  It's basically a non official 'Carnage' as it's the same concept and most of the time it's the same themes.  This theme was 'Beauty and the Geek' and I knew I wanted to go as Miss Congeniality.  The previous event to this was a 'Barbie vs Action Man' so I knew that no-one was going to dress up as Barbie and judging by the student night life I knew that a lot of people wouldn't go as full out as I did.  So as they say go harder or go home and it's pretty clear which option I took.

It's either a very clever thing to dress up in drag and go around to different straight clubs or it's the most stupid thing you could do.  In some cases I'd say never do it but this was a student night and from what I could remember people would be a lot more open minded, be too drunk to care and just happy overall.  Luckily I was right and I didn't have any trouble the whole night.  I say this when there was some trouble towards the end bit of the night and someone was trying to come onto me extremely strongly.  I have a huge respect for woman and when I'm in drag I feel like one and it made me so uncomfortable and it really upset me which I found so weird.  It was a reminder of how fragile I am and how dangerous life can be.

Back to this look - The Barbie necklace was bought from eBay along with my custom sash.  I did have a tiara to go with this look but I completely forgot about it which was probably a good thing as I wouldn't fit through a door!  I bought this hideous pink skirt from ASOS that was perfect for the occasion.  I always find that ASOS have some amazing things in the sale that are perfect for situations that I want them for.  I guess that's just sales in general as you either find gems or rocks!

My main reason for choosing to do a drag look Barbie in a straight environment was to show how proud I am as a person to people who may not agree with my life choices.  I wanted to show people that if they want to do something that they can go for it, and I also want to give people courage to life life how they want to.  And as RuPauls says - If you can't love yourself then how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

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