Tuesday 4 March 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: Alexander McQueen SS14

A Fashion Week Journal: Alexander McQueen SS14

Today is the AW14 Alexander McQueen show and this post takes a look back at SS14.  A McQueen show will never be what it used to be and I've come to accept that.  Sarah Burton wouldn't even dare to come close to one as people would only compare her even more to the late Alexander McQueen.  SS14 was the first season I got to see an Alexander McQueen show and it was also the first time I've experience waiting before a show and being their as soon as the doors open.  I stood in the photographers pit for the whole time and these are where the photos were taken.  It really was an amazing experience and the lead up to it was even better.  It was all very last minute and I was soon jumping in car to be taken to the Garde Republicaine where the show was taking place.  I didn't realize until after that the floor was actually colored sand and that Anna Dello Russo was sat opposite me in these amazing gold gladiator boots.

Eddie Cambell opened the show whom was still instantly recognizable even though the makeup artist stripped all the models key identifiable features such as hair and of course eye brows.  I do love how Sarah has carried on the overall look of the models from what McQueen used to do and as a result the models have kept their alien looking femme fatale characters.  The models in a McQueen show are almost as important as the clothes and you only notice this in higher profile shows.  Of course other designers can have an overall general look of the general model they want but to dehumanize models through makeup and make it work is a tough job to pull off.
Other models featured above include: Marine Deleeuw, Ysaunny Brito, Mijo Mihaljcic, Julia Nobis, Sasha Luss, Cindy Bruna, Carla Cliffoni, Irene Hiemstra, Vanessa Axente and Carolina Sjostrand

This post concludes fashion show related posts and in two days time Paris Fashion week will end along with AW13.  Although this isn't technically true (the haute couture still to come in the summer) it marks the end for me, but not until I finish my fashion week journal!

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