Thursday 6 March 2014

A Fashion Week Journal: To be Continued

A Fashion Week Journal: To be Continued

The Pont Alexandre iii is probably one of the most recognizable bridges in Paris and it's instantly recognisable.  The bridge that starts from the Champs-Élysées quarter and by the side of the Grand Palais is adorned by golden statues.  The last time I saw this bridge in the media was the 2013 Victoria Secrets advert and before that in the music video 'Someone like you' by of course Adele.

I've chosen this image to conclude my fashion journal as it's a representation of the connection of two different paths.  These paths lead in different directions and the one thing they have in common is this connection bridge.  During the fashion season I feel like I'm on this busy road and by the end I feel like I've taken a turn onto the bridge and stopped.  Life is very cut up for me at the moment and as a result I'm missing out on a lot in life and I really am struggling to find my feet let alone myself.

As I write this post I am currently in the UK and I'm about to leave for New York Fashion Week in 5 days.  Although this concludes my fashion week journal, my AW14 journal will start for me in a matter of days.  I have no idea what this month will bring and I can only hope for the best!  There's going to be a large break now between my posts and I need to have a serious think and take some time to reflect on things.  

The last piece of symbolism that this bridge takes is time for reflection.  Not only the literal sense of leaning over and seeing your reflection in the water, but to also take note of the different paths on your left and right.  Take time to weigh up both options and go for it without regrets and without looking back to think what could have been.  Never think 'what if'.  Always think 'what will be'.

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