Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Fashion Journal: Paris Fashion Week - AW14 Chanel PART 2

A Fashion Journal: Paris Fashion Week - AW14 Chanel PART 2

Today I re-vist last weeks post on the AW14 Chanel show with a new set of images and a new insight into the show!  Next week I shall post my final entry regarding this show and that will be my front row images, but for today, lets focus on the show!  I was one of the first people to enter this venue after the photographers had all taken their places and before the general public were allowed in.  I'm glad I did turn up so early as I was able to really grasp the concept that had presented itself in front of me, and I was able to walk freely around it without people getting in the way.  I was also one of the last people to be seated as I wanted to grab that final front row picture so that was strange too as I was so fixated on front row guests rather than anything else really!

The show has a mixture of songs remixed together and the main ones that stood out were Rhianna 'SOS' and 'Diamonds' and Lady Gagas 'Do What You Want'.  Such a strange and unexpected mix and use really.  Chanel typically does like to have live performances or use music in pop culture, for example AW13 used a remix by Daft Punk and we all know how huge they were in 2013!  In a similar context both artists are very relevant in pop culture just not the choice of songs.  There's nothing more exciting to hear music being blasted out while your standing in a huge room and I love it for the fact you hear the music in a different way.  I was thinking about this today actually while playing music on my iPhone.  The quality was awful and if that was the only way I listened to music then I'd think nothing of it.  However if I play the music with a pair of good headphones then I'm suddenly introduced to the track in a new way.  It's the same for clubs, in bars or in a concert.  I love that about music and how it changes every time you listen to it.

Back to the show now.  The two lines of red and yellow on the floor were indeed paths for the models to walk along, well, more like guidelines as after they did their main walk they were then free to wonder around doing what they liked.  I'm not sure how much of that I actually believe but it was really nice to see one model dropping something on the floor and two of them laughing about it.  Having seen models on the street and in street style pictures you realise just how energetic and fun they are (well what they seem to be).  It's funny because I never think 'oh she was the popular girl at school' i think no, your the quirky one and you actually have a personality which is more than can be said for the wannabe plastics.

There was no real symbol that the show had finished and that threw me too.  There was no final two by two walk from all the models and when I saw Karl I thought of it's finished...  I was kinda disappointed because that's my favourite part but I did like the way the announcer said something about the store closing and all the models left together through the checkouts.  It was an experience I don't think I'll ever have again and it was great to feel like you were part of the show.  Next week will be my front row images and after that then maybe a recap on AW14 as I do have some more images and stories to share with you.

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