Saturday 26 April 2014

A Fashion Journal: Paris Fashion Week - AW14 Chanel Front Row

A Fashion Journal: Paris Fashion Week - AW14 Chanel Front Row

Today I'm finally addressing my front row images from AW14 Chanel and sharing with you some of my experiences from the show.  My last two posts looked at location of the show along with the actual catwalk images so if you've not already checked them out then please scroll down!

I love shooting front row and it's the buzz which I love to feed off while taking the images.  Now don't be under the illusion that it's an easy job, it can be a nightmare at times and it's easy for people to focus on the main subject and not think too much into whats surround the photographer i.e the crowds of people.  I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time when Rihanna showed up so I was able to jump into the crowd of the 6ft 'paparazzi' atmosphere.  Celebrities normally have about two body guards with them during a show and it's almost 2 against 15+ photographers and not all of them are as nice as me so their work is cut out for them.  Rihanna gave photographers exactly what they wanted and stood up and did some poses, and after that time she sat back down and laughed and went 'ok thanks guys that's enough'.  She was very nice about it and of course some photographers still carried on.

Next I had the pleasure of shooting Melanie Griffith and her daughter Stella who was so friendly and nice.  They can both be seen above where Stella is wearing SS14 Chanel (of which I love!).  I moved onto shooting Alma Jodorowsky, a french actress known best for her role in Blue is the Warmest Color (2013).  Her next film 'Kids in Love' is currently in post production and is scheduled for a 2014 release date so look out for that!  Next to Alma was the beautifully talented Elisa Sednaoui with the most amazing hat on.  Elisa is known for her advertising campaigns with Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, DVF (to name a few) and her long list of magazine covers from Elle Italia to Harper's Bazaar Latino America.  I used to be obsessed with her advertising for Chanel eye wear and I'm pretty sure I've still got a few of those spreads floating around somewhere.

I spent the next 10 minutes following Anna Dello Russo around the catwalk with a few other photographers which was an experience!  I love the composition of two above images focusing on her pink and white Chanel outfit in one and the other on the pink and white of the food in the 'supermarket'  The energy Anna gives off is infectious and it's easy to see why everything she touches turns into sheer brilliance.  A truly talented woman who gets it just right whilst having fun.

The final people I shot were the most intimidating and it was really all down to me being star stuck.  Many around me know I am obsessed with Keria Knightly from her films to her advertising campaigns with Chanel and my obsession is still very much there.  After shooting one part of the front row I moved to the other side and saw a group of photographers together.  This is a clear sign someone is worth shooting there so I approached and lifted my camera above the shoulder of someone to see who it was via the camera lens.  At that exact moment the man moved slightly and my eye looking through the lens and the other looking at the man both focused on Keria who was sat 1 meter away from me.  I almost jumped because my camera was zoomed in alot and i was so taken back.  Somehow I managed to get the photos in focus and I really had to calm myself as I was freaking out inside.  Keria was sat next to Mario Testino who really needs no introduction and her husband James Righton, who is a member of the London based group 'The Klaxons'.  I can't say for sure but I think James was wearing the same outfit he had on for their wedding, which wouldn't surprise me as Keria has worn her wedding dress for another occasion too.  I love this couple so much and I love that Keria was wearing SS14 Chanel Haute Couture (along with Rhianna) and they both pulled off the look completely whilst keeping their own unique style.

Overall the experience was overwhelming in the positive sense and it happened so fast that it hasn't really sunk in.  Chanel shows are always a whirlwind of emotions and it's taken me 2 posts to explain the different sides of the show which is saying something.  I think everyone secretly wants to own a Chanel handbag along with the outfit and going to the show feels like it's within reach and not in the literal sense!  So, with that in mind I wanted to share my images and story with you in the hope that you might feel some of that energy that I soaked up whilst having the pleasure of shooting during the AW14 show.  If you have any questions then please get in touch!
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