Aquatic Atlantis

In my 3rd and final year at University the task was to choose, or create a FMP to spend over 6 months working on.  Although many of the fashion classes are together, styling and makeup are separate, and all briefs were all photography based, where I wanted it makeup based.

I chose to base my FMP on makeup brand Illamasqua, and the idea was to evaulate it currently and establish what their strengths were, and what could be pushed further.  The end result was a collection I created called Aquatic Atlantis.  The lookbook I created to go alongside this can be seen below which uses the Illamasqua logo, 3 of their images and product images too.  This are clearly not mine, but I did create the layouts and added extra features within book.  The collections images I created can be viewed below followed by extra graphics I created such as packaging and website graphics.

Makeup, Hair, Nails, styling, photography and graphics are all by myself without any assistance.