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Vanity Nightmare started out as a project 2 years ago and has grown ever since.  To date, images from Vanity Nightmare have been published by The Independent on Sunday, Berlin publishing house Alt//Crammer with worldwide distribution and a Southampton Solent University book.  Vanity Nightmare has been exhibited at London Graduate Fashion Week, Southampton Solent University, Brick Lanes The Old Truman Brewery and Fairfields Arts Centre in Basingstoke.

Images produced within this book are solely created by myself, which is everything from concept, to styling, makeup, photography, editing and graphics.
I am my own creative director.

Music and fashion are a combination that works together on so many levels and it is this which appeals to me so much.  Each photographic image depicts a particular lyric which I have taken from a range of artists and songs.  Many of these choices are current hits, but there is a mixture of old and new to which all have been chosen for a reason.  Music has a universal language and the way someone interprets a lyric can be completely different from another, and this is sometimes played with in Vanity Nightmare.

Vanity Nightmare is much more than a project; it is my own visual diary.
Currently I do not see myself as a makeup artist, photographer or graphic designer.
I see myself as an artist and Vanity Nightmare is my own Artistic Project.

Here I present to you my online version of Vanity Nightmare 2.0.

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