Monday 4 March 2013

Vanity Nightmare 2.0!

Vanity Nightmare started out as a project 2 years ago and has grown ever since.  To date, images from Vanity Nightmare have been published by The Independent on Sunday, Berlin publishing house Alt//Crammer with worldwide distribution and a Southampton Solent University book.  Vanity Nightmare has been exhibited at London Graduate Fashion Week, Southampton Solent University, Brick Lanes The Old Truman Brewery and Fairfields Arts Centre in Basingstoke.

Images produced within this book are solely created by myself, which is everything from concept, to styling, makeup, photography, editing and graphics.
I am my own creative director.

Music and fashion are a combination that works together on so many levels and it is this which appeals to me so much.  Each photographic image depicts a particular lyric which I have taken from a range of artists and songs.  Many of these choices are current hits, but there is a mixture of old and new to which all have been chosen for a reason.  Music has a universal language and the way someone interprets a lyric can be completely different from another, and this is sometimes played with in Vanity Nightmare.

Vanity Nightmare is much more than a project; it is my own visual diary.
Currently I do not see myself as a makeup artist, photographer or graphic designer.
I see myself as an artist and Vanity Nightmare is my own Artistic Project.

Here I present to you my online version of Vanity Nightmare 2.0.

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Saturday 2 March 2013

A vision of ecstasy

A vision of ecstasy - Rihanna

Today I present to you my last and final post from Vanity Nightmare 2.0!  It's been a long journey from start to finish and I'm extremely happy with the end results.  I've taught myself new tips and tricks when it comes to using makeup and Ive learnt alot about myself.  I've been taught that it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone so I made the decision to shave my head.  It was a bit of a Britney Spears moment and it was on new years eve so it's almost like a new year, new start moment.  Change is a good thing and i'm embracing this fact.
This look like many was inspired heavily by computer games.  This was a mixture between Halo 4 and Mass Effect 2 and I often look to these for inspiration.  The great thing about inspiration that it can come from anywhere.  The worst part about it is that it doesn't come all the time, and sometimes there are dry periods!  I haven't got my writers block quite yet and I'm already thinking up ideas for the next volume so I'll be keeping you posted on that!  My next post will be the completed final package, Vanity Nightmare 2.0 and after this the printed version should be out by then!
No doubt Ill be rather busy around this period due to the fashion season so I'll try and post as soon as possible after the craziness of this fashion season is over!

Tags: halo makeup, alien makeup, mass effect makeup, blue green makeup, space makeup, cosmic makeup, fantasy makeup, scary makeup

Makeup products used:
Snazaroo red, black and white face paint
Various MUA powder eye shadow shades
MUA eye-liner in snow white
Primark blue eye-liner
Illamasqua precision ink in abyss
Kroylan eye brow plastic
Kroylan spirit gum
Max factor pan stik
MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC25
Coastal scents 88 original palette