Wednesday 12 June 2013


Today is the 12th of June which means in just 9 days IMATS hits London for the 2013 International Makeup Artist Trade Show!  For those of you unaware of this colourful showcase, IMATS has been around since 1997, and now brings their show to New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, Vancouver and London!  This year the show has moved from London's rainy winter to London's rainy summer (pause for laughter), but in all seriousness it doesn't actually matter what the weather may be since it's all inside in London's Olympia National Hall Kensington which is HUGE.  More space means more makeup and that is something I am definitely not going to complain about!

On the day you will expect to find juicy discounts and deals on everything from makeup, to brushes, back to makeup, to some more brushes and a whole lot more!  So lets talk brands, MAC will have a huge section along with Makeup Forever - which I am so thankful of because it's such an amazing brand that you just can't get in the UK!  Well you can but you know what I mean!  NARS, NYX, Stargazer which have amazing false lashes and Bobbi Brown are just the tip of the iceberg of brands and companies you will find there!  The tip is to look online and make lists of what you want before going there so you don't go crazy, but that sounds like a lot of wasted time, and the reason I'm going is to spend lots so out goes the window with that tip!

Keynote speakers will be giving presentation in the two stages during the IMATS weekend which is the highlight for me.  Oscar-winning artists Joel Harlow (Star Trek, the Pirates of the
Caribbean films) and Mark Coulier (World War Z, Harry Potter) will be discussing their work along with BAFTA-winning artist Neill Gorton (Doctor Who) and the cherry on top - Kabuki, the artist responsible for nearly everything and anything.  In fact, all these artists have had such as huge input into the film and TV industry and hopefully I'll get into some of these to hear all about it!

IMATS will even have a Make-up Museum, showcasing creatures and effects from popular films and television shows!

A kid in a candy shop is what this event will turn into for the hundreds that will be attending so don't miss out!  I will be reporting throughout the day on twitter so if you are still borderline, you can attend on the Sunday and hopefully snatch up some bargains!!

£45 is the price for 1 day tickets with a £5 discount for students and two days are £70 with a £12 discount for students.