Tuesday 16 April 2019

Vanity Nightmare

Chapter 1.

I see people far too often hijack their own life through a social media presence. They try to find a voice in a sea of technology and are so transfixed by the end game that they forget the present. The Matrix of life is complicated. We coexist intertwined in suburban jungles, the old and new combing in a constant battle of dominance till one contestant breaks or a state of tranquillity is reached. Take control back, your life is yours for the taking, don't waste it.

Understand? No, me neither, but I thought it sounded clever. My mind works too fast for my own good, I'm more complicated than a Rubik's cube and I confuse myself. I see the world differently from others, I know that. I sometimes think it's either my slight dyspraxia or my dsyrixia talking (surely they could come up with easier words to spell) or maybe it's a Scorpio thing. I think RuPaul gets it. He can step away from something and see the bigger picture. I think this is why the world can feel so lonely and empty to me sometimes, when I step out of this Matrix it's kinda empty, because so many are stuck inside.

I find it hilarious that I'm writing a blog entry into blogger in 2019. The world has moved past these types of blogs now and now we exist in a photographic world with captions on made up of short words and catches to get you hooked. And what is up with the people who only have selfies on their profiles?! If your not a makeup artist, Drag Queen, or someone who has a reason for photos of their face, then STOP. One day your look back at these photographic empty diaries and realise your life is an empty book. Document what means something to you, that can be a selfie, but lets bring you back down to earth, more than 3 selfies in a row is a problem.

This blog has been a life saver for me. It's helped me grow and it's helped me find a voice. I've lived in this cyber world for so long, so much longer than anyone I know. I've grown up in chat rooms and I've lived on the web for longer than many of my peers. I'm different, I always will be. I'm always going to be that socially awkward person and I'm proud to be that. 

This blogs main purpose was to feature photos that I had made, and they all had a reason. I had zero idea at the time that one day I would become a Drag Queen. The one thing that pisses me off today is that people see one episode of Rupauls Drag Race and think 'oh yep thats me i identify with that' because a lot of the time you really don't and you don't understand it. Drag is a journey of self discovery and some people think you can spring to the finishing line. It's a slow process and a hard one at that in which I'm still juggling. It's getting there, but for now, ta da, welcome to a new era of Vanity Nightmare. The fully realised Drag Queen that I've become.

Photography is all by the wonderful Chris Jepsen and retouching and graphics are done by moi.

So enjoy whatever this blog has become.

Come join in my life if you read this and find out what I'm up to today!

My instagram is @vanitynightmare - weird eh?!

Bye for now, and thank you for the memories
(and yes I'm aware I'm talking to myself here, i'm weird remember)