Wednesday 28 May 2014

New Musicals and New Projects

Last week I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London's West End Theatre Royal, and I was so pleasantly surprised by the show.  Your never quite sure how something can translate onto the stage let alone a musical and it was beautiful to watch for some many reasons.  One reason was the talent on stage and this was the first musical I've seen that had young actors in.  It was so inspiring to see such young actors belt out musical numbers and others dancing with complete precision and I really was blown away.  It's the type of musical you can watch and just have a really great time, and it really is for all ages.  Speaking about ages that was another thing that was great to see; young and older actors working side by side and the mixture of old and new worked so well.  I did create a makeup look for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so no makeup look here.  If you do wish to see the look I created then click HERE.

I'm ashamed to say I've only ever seen 3 musicals on stage (although I have seen Wicked 3 times) and with that in mind I've decided to watch one musical each month. I'm working a lot in London at the moment so it gives me the perfect excuse to watch something after work and maybe eat at Shake Shack (I love that place!).  My next musical will be Phantom of the Opera which I'm so looking forward to seeing.  I love the musical and I've watched the concert version on TV many times so I kinda know what to expect yet at the same time have no idea.  I'm going to see this by myself which some may find weird or sad in 'ill come with you' way.  I really am not bothered by this at all and I'm really quite excited to be sat in my own little world with complete attention on the stage.  I've never seen a film in the cinema by myself but I totally would, and I think if that bothers you then you have some problems you need to work out because as Ru says - what others think of me is none of my business'

I'm starting a new makeup series very soon and I want this to be the best yet.  How I'm going to do that is unknown but I'm excited and can't wait to start!  The initial idea came from a Facebook friend of mine who I really admire for so many reasons.  I'm so glad I've connected with him and I wish we lived near each other growing up.  I used to think all the time that I was the odd one out, of course I had amazing friends but few shared my interests that are more outside of the box.  I still don't live near these people now but my eyes have been open and I've made so many connections, and connections that branch into meeting other people.  It's like a great willow tree towering over a river with it's branches hitting the water at different parts in all directions.
I watched Pocahontas the other day and I was reminded once again of how you never know what's waiting just beyond the riverbend.